Come contattare il servizio clienti ing?

Da Heidie / 2022-06-17

Come contattare il servizio clienti ing?

Come contattare il servizio clienti ing?

Se sei già cliente ING BANK N.V. Milan Branch, chiama: Da telefono fisso 800 71 72 73 - Da cellulare e dall'estero 02 999 67 89.

Come contattare Ing Direct via Email?

Contatti email Indirizzo email: [email protected] Indirizzo Posta Elettronica Certificata: [email protected]

Who owns ING Direct?

  • ING Bank (Australia) Limited trading as ING DIRECT is owned by ING Group which is a publicly listed company.

Who bought out ING Direct?

  • On Novem, ShareBuilder Corporation was purchased by ING Direct, a subsidiary of ING Group for $220 million. In June 2009, ShareBuilder moved its headquarters from Bellevue , Washington to 83 King Street, in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle, Washington.

Is ING Direct Capital One?

  • Simply put the ING Direct that Capital One purchased is the one that operates in the United States. Technically it is called ING DIRECT, USA. They didn’t buy all of ING Group — the parent company that operated ING Direct. ING Group still has operations in other areas of the world, particularly in Europe.

How to open an ING account?

  • 1) Download the ING App. 2) Prepare the following documents. 3) Open the app and tap “Open an Account”. 4) Verify your identity. 5) Enter additional information. 6) Take a photo of your signature. 7) You’re all set! Confirm your information and start banking.

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